Müncher Gaudiblosn Oktoberfest Band

Terms and Conditions

These terms are the translation of our German terms, which are also relevant. With booking the "Münchner Gaudiblosn", in the following text called "The Band" you confirm that you have read and understood them. Each booking contract is based on that terms and by booking us, you agree with them.

Payment has to be made at the end of the show in cash to the bandleader.
If we have agreed to get the payment by money transfer which needs to be fixed in our contract, payment has be sent within seven days after signing the contract on the bank account we named you. If the show is not in Germany, a payment about 50% of our price has to be made upfront. The rest in cash at the bandleader at the end of the show. We don´t offer a discount.
As long as the 50% upfront payment has not arrived at the account we named you, the contract is not made.
The band pays its taxes in germany.
Booker is responsible to make sure that from our arrival in your place/country until the moment we have packed and left, the whole equipment of the band and the musicians have insurance cover. The costs of the insurance are payed by the booker.
If the contract guarantees the band rooms in an hotel to spend the night, booker has to take the costs, book the hotel rooms and pay directly to the hotel.
Shows in germany: Booker has to pay 0,70 Euro for each Kilometer we have to drive vom Hohenbrunn by München to the venue.
Shows outside of germany: Booker has to book and pay directflights for the band and the costs of transportation and insurance for the bands equipment.
The band is free to choose the songs to play and how to do the show. Booker or third persons don´t have permission to take influence on the creative part of the show, which means songlists, attractions we do on stage, dressing etc. Booker knows about our programm, attractions on stage, dresses etc.
If the band gets booked for appearances at Television, Radio or other cases of promotion, booker has to free the band from the contract. The band has to inform the booker about it as quick as possible and gets him a equivalent replacement band.
If the booker or other partys want to record the show on audio or film, they need an extra permission of the band. Without permission it is not allowed.
If a member of the band can´t come to play the show/s because of disease or accident, the band has to organize a replacement musician. The bandleader has to right to make the decision about which musician he books for replacement.
Personal and financial risk of the event/shows we get booked for has to be carried by the organizer of the event/shows.
If the organizer/booker is culpably for the breach of contract, the band is free from it´s obligation to play the show/s. In case of other reasons which make it impossible for us to play the show, things have to be settled according to the german law.
If booker or organizer wants to use our soundsystem for other artists or events, or anything else than getting used by us for our performance, it needs permission from the bandleader, which has to be done before the show and extra payment.
Booker/Organizer holds the right to give permission about dancing or further performances, attractions. If our soundsystem is needed for it, please read §10
Booker guarantees to give no information about our price to any third parties.
Further arrangements are not made. Changes need to be done on paper and signed by the booker and the band.
Booker and band got the right of withdraval from the contract within 14 days after the contract got signed. If the booker chancels the show/s later but earlier than four weeks before the (first) show the band gets/keeps 50% of the payment.
If the show/s get chanceled later than four weeks before the (first) show band gets 100% of the payment, like we had played the full show/s minus upfront payments
If the band has to chancel the show/s, the band has to organize an equivalent replacement band that plays the show/s for the same conditions.
If the show ends earlier than it was planed, the band still gets the full payment. If the band gets booked to play more than one show and one or several shows get dropped by the booker or of other reasons, the band also gets the full payment like all shows would have been played.
Booker has no right to reduce the payment for the band for whatever reasons.
In case of any disputes about the booking or this contract, court of jurisdiction is Munich, Germany. Each booking of the band (each contract with the band) is based on our terms and the german law (BGB).
If the booker does not sign the contract with us by himself, he/she got to make sure, that the person that does it, has all the rights to do that. That person also be personally liable to make sure that everything works like it is fixed in our contract and our terms.
Booker is responsible for registering the show/s at the local perfomance right organiziation and the costs they charge. Same thing with Ausländersteuer nach § 50a(4) ESTG (Foreign artists taxes) and furthers costs basing on our show. Booker holds the band free from it.
The band and its stuff (technicians etc) get free food and drinks during the time from arriving at the venue until we leave the venue.
Technical needs are to find in our technical rider, which is also part of the contract.

Hohenbrunn, Feb.13Th2014

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