Oktoberfestband, Octoberfest band, Oompah Band

Iinternational Oktoberfest band - Oompah music, orchestra,
from Germany/ Bavaria, Munich.

We are a original German Oktoberfest band, offering you authentic bavarian music, party and fun. But also a lot of "have fun-music", oldies but goldies, Samba, Rock´n Roll and much more. Your party and YOUR fun is what we are coming for and you can count on having an experience, that brings Octoberfest Munich straight to you, no matter where you are. We are performing our show around Munich but also around the the world. International bookings are always welcome. No matter if is is about your very own Oktoberfest, birthday partys, company events or whatever.

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Oktoberfestband, Umpa Band

We are jodeling, doing traditional bavarian fun games like stemming beer mugs, traditional funny dances and
much more. Want to take a look at it? PICTURES/VIDEOS. Pop and wellknown hits from the Ballermann put you straight to Mallorca or a hut in the bavarian alps. You love Apres Ski Partys? So we are. Our bavarian oompah
band also can be booked in combination with a mobile disco. Your fun is ours.

Oktoberfestband, Octoberfest band Octoberfest Band Gaudiblosn

This Bavarian-style band plays a selection of foot stomping, thigh slapping German tunes to give any live music event a real 'Hofbrauhaus' feeling. The Oompah Band has enjoyed tremendous success at numerous small clubs and private parties as well as large beer festivals in Europe, USA and Asia.

public appearances:

01.01.2019 Silvesterfeier, Gala Marriott Hotel München
19.01.2019 Starnberg, Gala/ schwarz weis Ball, Pöckinger Faschingsclub e.V
02.02.2019 Cafe Mom
02.02. 2019 Faschingsball Königsmoos Donaumooshalle
08.02.2019 privater Ball
09.02.2019 private Feier
16.02.2019 Turnerball vom Faschingsverein Kirchheim
01.03.2019 Faschingsball Lochham
07. bis 12.04. BAUMA Messe München
20.04.2019 Grün-Weißes München – Werder Bremen Fanfest
17.05.2019 Sommerfest KiTa Hohenbrunn/ MUNA
15.06.2019  Sommerfeuer der Lindenburschen Neubiberg
22.06.2019 Ausweichtermin Sommerfeuer
13.07.2019 Paulaner am Nockherberg

13.-14.09. Oktoberfest Sandersdorf-Brehna
19.09.2019 Oktoberfest Koppenhagen
26.09.-06.10. Vila Vita Oktoberfest Portugal
28.09.2019 OktoberfestLuxemburg
04.-05.10. Oktoberfest Kenia
05.10.2019 Oktoberfest Erzgebirge
11.-12.10. Oktoberfest Tirana
12.10.2019 Oktoberfest Alverdissen
16.-20.10. Oktoberfest Tulsa/ Oklahoma/ USA
25.-26.10. Oktoberfest Kambodscha Phnom Penh

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Bayerische Band

We played music in the Erdinger beer garden tour.